With a view to long-term development, ANC3 group already operates with in five sectors identified as generating socio-economic progress.
These sectors are :

These sectors reflect the company’s vision to contribute to the global dynamic by impacting investments at any scale.


HVAC Market

We offer all types of equipments and parts of all HVAC brands* :

- Chiller Oil Filter and Spare parts.

- Chiller Spare Parts.

- Central Air Conditioner Parts.

- HVAC Spare Parts.

- Refrigeration Spare Parts.

- Industrial Air Conditioner Spare parts.

- Refrigeration Compressor Spare parts.

- Refrigeration Compressor all types and sizes.

Brands: Carrier - York - Trane- Danfoss - Daikin - Mcquay - Bitzer - HanBell - RefComp - FuSheng - Dunham Bush and more..

windmills on grass field at daytime
windmills on grass field at daytime


Electricity Market

More than well-known brands on the electrical market such as schneider, ABB, Hager, legrand, ANC3 group offers you new competitive brands* in terms of quality and price.

Brands : CHNT, Himel, and the new and competitive brand SASSIN.

silver iPad on smart case
silver iPad on smart case


Electronic Market

In this category we are targeting all products and spare parts related to cellphones or laptops.

Our Brands are: HP, DELL, Toshiba, Samsung, Huawei, Iphone and more...

black flat screen computer monitor
black flat screen computer monitor


Building Management Market

BEMS is the building energy management system, is a sophisticated method to monitor and control the building's energy needs. Next to energy management, the system can control and monitor a large variety of other aspects of the building regardless of whether it is residential or commercial.

Our brands are: Rievtech, Siemens, Schneider, ABB, Mitsubishi, Trane and more..

green farming equipment on brown field
green farming equipment on brown field


Agriculture Market

Today's agriculture routinely uses sophisticated technologies such as robots, temperature and moisture sensors, aerial images, and GPS technology. These advanced devices and precision agriculture and robotic systems allow businesses to be more profitable, efficient, safer, and more environmentally friendly.

Our Brands: YTO, LOVOL, CHANGFA, SCMG, and DF .

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