ANC3 group is based in London – its aim is to contribute to the global dynamic by impacting investments at any scale.The major characteristic of ANC3 group identity is its decision to invest in the long term in structural business sectors that require strong knowledge and expertise, to promote the emergence of a modern economy and improve the standard of living.

All of its employees work on a daily basis to achieve the positive impact commitment. ANC3 group works for the emergence of a modern economy and the improvement of the living conditions of the territories and populations it works with.


We believe that this focused approach, which emphasizes our investment strategy, is to focus resources on initial investments in certain industry sub-sectors that complement the team's experience, wich positions us well to source proprietary investment opportunities. 

We believe our industry focus makes it easier to differentiate and add value during our investment period and these elements combine to offer investors a better risk-adjusted yield potential.